You Don’t Need A Membership To Shop At Costco Anymore

Yes! Now You Can Shop at Costco without a Membership

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the largest stores to shop if the customers are looking for great savings. This warehouse shop always attracts potential customers by great offers with discounts on huge collections of Furniture, other household items, Grocery items and even gas.

Till 2016 Costco has been the largest Membership only Warehouse club. There are few special offers which a customer can only avail through membership coupons and sometimes that could be a turn off for few customers.Now, in reality, people don’t need Membership coupons anymore to shop at Costco.

Following few points are to help the potential customers to be a part of the Costco experience without shelling out their cash for a membership:

1. Costco Cash Card is the Best choice

Costco Cash Card is one of the Best alternatives to the membership if any customer has a friend, who already has a Costco Membership. That member can help to buy the customer a gift card. Using that Cash card anything is store can be purchased up to a value of $100. If anyone wants to buy more than the card’s limit, don’t worry, you can use extra cash or any other payment mode to compensate.

2. Guest with a Membership

Costco always allows it’s every member to bring in a guest. If anyone is interested to buy a specific item like the top selling appliances at an attractive price under membership option.Then why should the person find it elsewhere? Accompany a  friend with membership is the best way to grab such offers.You just need to reimburse your buddy’s amount later on and of course, need to inform in advance when heading for cash.

3. Stock Up Onliquors

Costco is always very reliable along with great prices and offers when customers want to stock up on alcoholic beverages and customers don’t require the cards to buy those as per the law in some states.

4. Dine at the Food Court

Customers can enjoy dining at indoor and outdoor food courts in almost all Costco warehouse without a card. If in case you are not greeted at the entrance, you just confirm that you are heading to the service desk for new membership or flash your cash card. Also, a customer should always carry cash to avoid any further inconvenience.

5. Advantage of Special Services

Special services like Costco Eye doctor and various facilities related to pharmacy are available by Costco for everyone, not just for the members. Because Costco understands the importance of health and would like to serve any customer giving free immunizations at the pharmacy provide you have the doctor’s note.

6. is the website, where customers can take advantage of many shopping offers with a great comfort from their home or office and.There might be some conditions provided on offers especially for nonmembers like 5% mark up on any purchase but still, people can enjoy shopping

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