You Wouldn’t Believe What Steroids Did to Her

Famous female bodybuilder, Denise Rutkowski, was once among one of the most respected names among the aspiring female bodybuilders. However, everything changed when the ill effects of a long history of steroids consumed by Rutkowski finally began to show up.

Denise Rutkowski became famous in the world of bodybuilders when she managed to bag 2nd position in the Ms. Olympia contest back in 1993. Shortly thereafter, Rutkowski took the religious road and was found in “spreading the word of God at various religious revivals”.

In 2012 and 2013, Rutkowski’s past finally caught up to her and she was arrested for evading arrest in Tarrant County, Texas.

ca.1993 (age ~30) // July 13 2012 (age ~50)
ca.1993 (age ~30) // July 13 2012 (age ~50)

This is how she looked in her prime, late 20’s or early 30’s.


And this is how she looks now. In spite of not undergoing sex change therapy of any kind, Rutkowski started showing masculine physical features (the facial hair for instance). Doctors confirmed at this point that the once famous body builder was apparently in a long battle with drug addiction in addition to bipolar disorder for a few years now.

July 13 2012, aged 50
July 13 2012, aged 50

In case you were wondering, this is how she looked before the whole fiasco with the steroids began.


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