Woman Pins Down ‘Sex Attacker’ And Rubs Breasts In His Face

Recently, this video has been doing rounds online about sexual harassment incident gone weird. Really weird.

Normally when you hear about a woman being harassed, you’d think she’d either slap the guy or call the cops, or have her guy beat him up, or something of that sort.

However, this woman apparently rubbed her breasts in the man’s face. So, as it apparently went, this woman was handing out some flyers at the City Centre in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

This man apparently harassed her sexually. Next thing we see, she starts shouting at the man very aggressively. She then proceeds to pin the man down to the ground. Next, she takes off her tshirt, and presses it against the man’s face.

And that wasn’t where it stopped. She took out her vest. And then she went to rub them on the pinned down man’s face!

All this meanwhile, the guy is shouting that he hasn’t done anything, and is just out shopping with her wife.

Obviously, this received very mixed reactions. While some people cheered her, others were disgusted by how she acted. One of the women in the crowd said that she shamed other women acting like this!

Too bizarre to be true, right? Well, that’s because it isn’t. Apparently, the whole thing was staged by the Confluencias group, a theater crew. It was done in an attempt to attraction much-needed attention to the sexual harassment women face at their work places.

Director of the Confluencias group, Fausto Ribeiro, said:

“We wanted to expose and address something that happens every day to our sisters and female friends.
This was meant to challenge people’s perceptions and empower women with the shock tactic of retaliation.
We wanted to force men to think more responsibly about their actions and their consequences.”

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