Why Does a Judge Break the Nib of the Pen after Awarding a Death Sentence

Is the death penalty justified?

A death sentence in our democratic society has to be the last action to deal with extremely anti-social acts. There are several questions and debates and proposed explanation made over the years on this topic.

An Uncommon Practice

In April 2012, the Connecticut legislature voted to abolish the death penalty for future crimes. There are other states, who considered that the death penalty is the most inhuman act and it violates the state constitution. But still, some nations don’t want to exterminate it completely.

Does this question come to our mind ever that why there is a strange custom of breaking the nib after giving out the death sentence? Breaking the nib is only a symbolic gesture followed by judges like a tradition.

The Symbolic Reason

Considering a humanitarian approach it is just to ensure that the pen which is being used to order the death of a person will be unfit for further use, as a sign of remorse.

The Legal Reason

If we think of this act on the legal aspect, there might be a custom to restrict any further changes in the decision made of a death sentence, which is finalized due to any kind of brutal crime. May be the sorrow will be expressed by the judges after passing the death sentence.

Hope for the Better Future

We only hope for that, nobody ever commits such a criminal offense, which makes
them to face such capital punishment.

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