Viral Video of Biker Popping and Locking at Stop Light Leaves Millions in Stitches

They all said that motorcycles were going to be dangerous, they said that you are going to die. The father of your girlfriend will get stereotypical and will not allow you to date her. They made that clear. Guess what they did not say? They did not say that the same motorcycles were going to make you look cool. Actually, they might have said that.

However, they might have left out the most important point of all! That you can pursue your real passion! Dance! Sure, the lame people in their cars can dance. But they can only dance in the way that recreates the opening credits from ‘That 70’s Show’ or the scene from the movie ‘Rush Hour’. What they can’t do is the same thing as the guy in the video below. It is a situation where he has found some time to practice his moves and these are some of the sickest popping and locking we have ever seen, on the road of course.


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