Veteran Bikers Stop to Help Stranded Bruce Springsteen with Motorcycle; How he Thanks is Simply Awesome!

Whatever the world may call us, there’s one thing that bikers have, and it’s absolutely amazing. The sense of fraternity, the sense of brotherhood, the sense of helping a fellow man on a motorcycle, without ever having seen them before. And when it’s a group of veteran bikers, you can expect this “brotherhood of bikers” be all the more stronger.

These veteran bikers were riding down on their Harleys in Jersey, near Allaire State Park.

That’s when they saw a fellow brother biker stranded on the road, unable to start his motorcycle. So, obviously, all of them stopped to help the brother in need. The bikers were from a group called “Freehold American Legion” based in Monmouth County. Guess who else is from Freehold? The rock legend, Bruce ‘Boss’ Springsteen.

And that’s exactly who these hometown heroes crossed paths with.

After the bikers were unable to get the Boss’ motorcycle to start, they let him hop on to a ride to a local bar and grill. Util the tow truck arrived, the veteran bikers shot the breeze with the Boss.

And these bikers weren’t the only nice guys in the story. Springsteen bought them all a round of beers, took some pictures with them, asked for their numbers, and left a $100 tip after the tow truck arrived. Dan Barkalow, one of the veteran bikers, said about Bruce,

“Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days.”

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