Two Politicians Have Formed First-Ever Senate Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Riders often feel that there isn’t enough representation for them at the National Capitol. This is perhaps the reason why there isn’t enough positive legislation for motorcyclists. Groups like the Motorcycle Profiling Project are really helping our voice reach the Senate and the Congress.

But, now it has gotten even better!

Now, our voice is right inside the Senate of the United States. And that’s all thanks to Republican Senator from Iowa, Joni Ernst, and Democrat Senator from Michigan, Gary Peters. The two have formed something which some would call a motorcycle club, while others would call a Senate caucus. But, I’d like to go with the former. The two senators would be jointly heading this group, which is likely to mean some amazing things for us bikers!

This exclusive motorcycle club is open to all Senators.

Both the Senators ride Harley-Davidsons. However, unlike a lot of motorcycle clubs, they aren’t going to be restricting membership to just Harley riders. However, they still have some very restricted membership criteria. The club is just open to US Senators! The two have been riding since long. Senator Ernst says,

“Some of my most cherished memories include motorcycles, from delivering messages as a young girl to my dad while he was working out in the fields, to riding through the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa with family and friends.”

Senator Ernst has interesting plans for this motorcycle club.

She says that she’s looking to encourage “throughtful discussion” and come up with solution on behalf of both, motorcycle riders, as well as manufacturers. She adds,

“Throughout my 99 county tour of Iowa, I have heard from many of these folks about some of their priorities, including improving safety, infrastructure, and energy efficiency. These concerns are shared by folks across our great state and country.”

Just like any other MC member, the two just love to ride their Harley-Davidsons.

For them, their Harleys aren’t just weekend getaway machines. They try to use their bikes wherever possible. Senator Peters often rode his Harley to campaign events during the 2014 elections. Senator Ernst, similarly, released a commercial during the same elections which feature her riding to a shooting range on her Harley-Davidson. Expressing his love for his motorcycle, Senator Peters says,

“To this day, I believe there is no better way to see Michigan’s beautiful scenery than by bike, whether I’m riding to meet with constituents and small businesses or taking my bike out on the weekend.”

Senator Peters also outlined his vision for the country’s most exclusive MC.

“Motorcyclists come from all walks of life, and I can’t think of a better way to bring together a diverse and dedicated group of advocates to discuss everything from safety concerns to manufacturing.”

What do you think about this very innovative Senate caucus? Do you think it’s going to yield some really positive result for bikers? Or do you think this is just a publicity stunt by a bunch of politicians to get biker votes? Let us know your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. Is this going to be a club for the rich politicians or will it include all riders? Also, will it help with biker club discrimination in this country?

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