Trump has a $100 million Bounty on His Head by a Drug Lord. Here’s What You Need to Know…

The infamous Mexican drug lord El Chapo, who escaped from a Mexican prison, has again become a news item when he apparently offered a bounty worth $100 million for Donald Trump.

Who is El Chapo?

Joaquin Guzman, popular by the name El Chapo, is a Mexican drug lord mafia, one of the most wanted. He escaped from a prison on a motorbike via an underground way.

What is the reason for the dispute?

The rivalry started during the presidential campaign of the Republican candidate Donald Trump. After El Chapo’s escape, Trump tried to make this advantageous for himself and used the escape in an anti-Mexican way for his campaign. The tension between the two started off on the media.

How bad is the scenario now?

As per many news channels, it has been reported that the bounty is said to be a “dead or alive” one, meaning Guzman have no specifics as to in what state Donald Trump is delivered to him. According to some close sources to Guzman, he wants Trump dead, no matter the money involved.

Any response from Trump?

Donald Trump hasn’t responded to the threat yet. Any confirmation of this bounty is still awaited.

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