Top 9 Tinder Bios which Got People Laid

The smartness and personality are the weapons of a few, but the most widely used tool to charm someone is the wit and humor. With smile and laughter being considered as a sign of optimism, it’s no surprise that people are using some witty and funny bios to find their match on Tinder.


The Wittiest of the Lot


In the process of creating funny bios, some people ruin their further chances, while some reach the legendary levels. Here are a few chosen bios which not only redefined a class description but also will help you frame your own bio to increase your chances of a match.


  1. Sydney

This 24 years girl amazes everyone with her strange plan for boyfriend.

  1. Richard

The 29-year-old uses car robbery and burning car to catch attention.

  1. Nathan

3 Tamagotchis, a couple of children and a wife would fetch you a date for sure, won’t it?

  1. Rachel

Just a craving for Chipotle; straight and forward.

  1. Faraz

The 25-year-old lad is the role model for Spider-man himself!

  1. A man has no name

This man here deserves a self-dependent girl!

  1. Becca

What’s that again?

  1. Layla

Is that Poetic humor?

  1. Emily

A short story about the ex.

Liked it? Now go on and paint your own bio with humor.

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