This is What Caused Chris Patt’s And Anna Faris’ Divorce, No It is Not Jennifer Lawrence

The star actor, Chris Pratt, renowned for his lead role in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie series, has recently announced on Sunday that he and his wife Anna Faris are legally separating. The couple wrote similar posts on their social media accounts confirming their legal separation.

Competition between the two

According to a source, both Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were very competitive with each other. Both of them being star celebrities, had competition for fame and career between them. They even competed at parties for being the funniest there and would get insecure and embarrassed if on the losing side.

The flourishing career of Pratt

Chris’s career is attaining the heights of success presently, and his fame rose to peak after Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy series, whereas, Anna is no more a big star. This is also being said to be a reason for their differences due to the competitive nature of the couple.

The Religious Differences

The source also indicated the difference in Religious thinking as one of the reasons of the separation. The source told that Chris Pratt was very religious contrary to Anna Faris who is not religious.

They started having problems in marriage for almost a year and a half and have separated now after 8 years of marriage.

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