This is How to Ride in the Rain – Seven Year Old Girl Getting her Kneedown!

Kids these days are more talented than we could ever dream to be. Many of us had the privilege to ride around motor-powered bikes in our childhood and teenage. However, I’m sure most of those who did didn’t start out as early as seven. Well, this little girl, did.

And from the looks of it, she probably started at two.

We don’t have a lot of details about the video or this little rider. But, we do know that she’s absolutely killing it out there. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some 15-20 years from today, she’s one of the biggest names in motorcycle racing.

The way this little girl is maneuvering around the curves is absolutely marvelous!

And to make things all the more amazing, she’s doing when while in the middle of these torrential rains. Now, I’m not sure how wise it is of her parents to let her ride aroud the track in such weather. But, this little kid really knows her way around the track. Maybe, that’s what they figured, and took her to be a big girl who could take care of herself! Have a look at it yourself!

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