The Top 5 Motorcycle Mods That Every Rider Should Avoid!

Many of us just love to modify our rides and many of us just want the ride to be as it is meant to be and that is completely fine. However, for the ones who love to modify their bikes, it is so cool most of the times but in some situations, it is not so cool for the bike. In the following video, you will see what we are talking about here.

The video was made by the YouTuber CycleCruza and in the video, he explains which are the five mods that every biker should stay away from. There is some controversial stuff in the video as it is going to be like that since not all people can agree on one thing ever.

It also might seem a little bias but do go through all the five mods that according to CycleCruza thinks that all the bikers should avoid. Check out the list of mods that you should not use according to CycleCruza in the video given below.


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