The “Tesla E-bike” Concept – Another Concept Failure?

Whenever a radical new prototype is showcased, it often stirs up a lot of debate. On one end are the folks going gaga over the looks being right from the next century, and on the other end are those who fail to see why would a motorcycle look like that. And I’m sure this would be one prototype that would have strong camps on both ends. Truth be told, I’m leaning towards the former. But would you?!

Harley showcased an all-eletric prototype ears ago.

And although it looked nothing like Harleys of the day (or even of today), it still looked like a motorcycle. Much of the motorcycling community, all the way from Ducati dudes to the Harley heroes had mostly good words about the prototype. However, even with that, there were the Harley purists who just couldn’t bear the thought of a Harley without its iconic V-twin thumper.

This prototype by Italian designer Antonio Serrano, although, takes it further much steps ahead.

The prototype is his take on “What would a Tesla motorcycle look like?!” To make it clear, the prototype has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s Tesla, other than the fact the Serrano found it good to slap the company’s name on his design. The prototype looks nothing like we see on the roads today. And perhaps we’d never see anything like this on our roads either.

For starters, it has missing handlebars and a missing headlight.

Sure, it has something to hold on to, but I refuse to call those pegs a motorcycle handlebar. In place of a headlight, the whole flat front of the motorcycle looks like a glass window. I wonder what that’s going to do with the aerodynamics.

However, the bike’s big on use of exotic materials.

Serrano has used the highest-end of lightweight plastics, carbon fiber, and aluminum alloys for the construction of his prototype. For the instrument panel/ dashboard, the bike sports an OLED display. About his prototype, Serrano says,

“[The] Tesla e-Bike is a conceptual project based on a vision what if Tesla Motors manufactured an electric motorcycle. Just like Tesla principles, this e-bike is high-tech, fast, efficient, and ecological.”

What’s your view on this design? Would you want to get yourself one? Do you even see your Tesla-driving tech employee of a neighbor ever getting this thing? Share with us in the comments section below.

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