The First Prototypes Of Trump’s Wall Are Complete, And It’s A Stark Reminder That It’s Really Happening

President Donald Trump made quite a lot of promises during his Presidential Election campaign that struck just the right chord with many true Americans. That is the reason a man with zero political background got elected to be the President’s of the World’s greatest country.

President Trump’s campaign as well as his ongoing presidency aren’t without a lot of debate and criticism, though. One of the President’s electoral promises that has the whole nation divided is ‘The Wall’ he plans to build to divide Mexico and U.S.

Illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S. from the U.S.-Mexico border is a serious concern for our national security and economy. Illegal immigrants have been linked to greater economic burden, increased rate of crime, and several other pressing issues.

In order to stop this, President Trump had proposed to build a wall throughout the entire 2000-mile border with Mexico. The entire project is slated to cost roughly $70bn, and President Trump said that he’d have the Mexicans pay for it.

Of course, the Mexican government denied that it’ll ever pay for something like that. Why would they, even?! So, President Trump came with an ingenious solution. He plans to start charging Mexicans more for their U.S. visas, as well as start seizing the remittances made by illegal immigrants to Mexico.

When President Trump didn’t include any spending for the wall in the budget for his first year of Presidency, people began to grow increasingly skeptical about whether he’d hold good to this promise. But then, if he plans for the Mexicans to pay for it, why WILL the President make space for it in the budget of the U.S. Government?!

In September, a whole 9 months into his presidency, things started to get real. President Trump himself revealed a photograph which depicted a model for how the wall will be! The model included an “electronically monitored zone”, spanning 150ft in width.

Things have been taken a step ahead now, with this development in place. Various contractors from the states of Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, and Texas have presented prototypes for the wall. These prototypes have each costed between $400,000 and $500,000. Work on these prototypes began only on September 26, and they’re already complete!

They’re all made with reinforced concrete. Some with additional construction material, some without. On these prototypes, a CBP spokesperson commented:

“These concrete prototypes will serve two important ends.”
“First, given their robust physical characteristics, like reinforced concrete, between 18-30 feet high, the concrete border wall prototypes are designed to deter illegal crossings in the area in which they are constructed.”

“Second, the concrete border wall prototypes will allow CBP to evaluate the potential for new wall and barrier designs that could complement the wall and barrier designs we have used along the border over the last several years.”

“As the border security environment continues to evolve, CBP will continually refresh its own inventory of tools to meet that evolution.”

Interestingly, a construction worked fell down a 40ft hole at the construction site, while these prototypes were being built. However, he did not suffer any serious injuries, the same can’t be said about desperate illegals who’ll try to cross this fortress.

However, there’s skepticism from both sides of the border about the efficacy of the wall. A lot of people are saying that no matter what wall you build, people will always find a way around it. A former senior official with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Thad Bigel said:

“Every wall can be circumvented. People can go under it, they can go over it… No one should go into this with the idea that if you just build the right kind of wall, no one will get through.”

President Trump, meanwhile, said:

“A wall is better than fencing and it’s much more powerful. It’s more secure. It’s taller.”

Also, check out this interview, where President Trump talks about the wall.

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