The Famed Harley From Sons Of Anarchy Takes On The Streets!

Here in this video, we take a look at a killer 1946 Knuckle Bobber which has the nickname “The Sled”. This is the bike from the iconic American TV show the Sons of Anarchy. Todd and Duncan absolutely love looking for and finding Harley Davidson’s and they have the time of their lives when they take this bad boy for a spin.

The studio actually rented this 1946 Harley Davidson E Knucklehead motorcycle during the shooting of the famous TV show. This bike from Harley Davidson has actually set the standards for the bikes so high that it is still considered to be an absolutely iconic American motorcycle. When you watch the video, you will get to hear the beastly melodious sound coming from the killer Harley Davidson engine.

Even if you do not consider yourself an SOA fan, you will still fall in love with this sweet ride. This was actually the first Harley Davidson motorcycle which had recirculating oil system and a four-speed gearbox, a dash-mounted speedometer and a classic teardrop fuel tank. All of the features mentioned created a massive appeal and put forth a foundation for the upcoming modern bikes. Have a look at the video to witness the beauty in all its glory.

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