The Amazing New Technologies In Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets have been around since almost as long as the motorcycle has been. And just like motorcycles, technology hasn’t left these life savers untouched. We’ve come a long way since the initial helmets of the day, to the kind of stuff we get today. However, unlike motorcycles, helmets are yet to start making use of the “Information Technology Revolution” we’ve seen in the past few decades.

Much of the technology incorporated in newer helmets has got to do with the mechanical sciences and materials. However, not far away is the time, when just like every device around us, helmets would get smart. Smart helmets would be a reality soon, and they hold a lot of fascinating features in the kitty for us. Here’s a list down of the prominent ones!

1. App-Powered Audio

This one sort of already exists. You can find helmets in the market today, for which, you can download apps on your smartphones, and listen to audio. These helmets have inbuilt bluetooth, speaker, and mic systems, that let you listen to music, hear navigation instructions, take calls, and communicate with riders in your group without ever having to move your hand away from the handlebars. They also help a lot in reducing the fatigue that results from the constant engine noise.

2. Augment Reality

You may be the most focused rider out there, yet there are moments when you don’t have your eyes on the road. The moments when you look down to take a glance at your rear view mirrors, your speedometer, or at the GPS. And these few split moments can be the difference between life and death. Pretty soon you’d get to see all of this stuff within your field of vision, without ever having to take your eyes off the road. Some attachments are already available in the market, that put all this information on your visor using an HUD system that attaches to your helmet’s chin.

3. Lights, Camera, Safety.

Action, we already have. Safety is what we need. A 360-degree vision isn’t what humans have been made for, but is something that bikers need. And helmet manufacturers are increasingly trying to incorporate technology in their helmets that’ll let the riders see their rear view and all their blind spots, without ever having to turn their head away from the road ahead. Brakelights on the back of helmets are another interesting innovation we’ve seen in the recent years.

4. Emergency Response

Solo rides to far-off places are one of the best things one can do with their bike. But they can also be one of the most dangerous things one can do with their bike, of course, without being stupid. If you ever crash in the middle of nowhere, with no buddies or passers-by around, you could die bleeding because nobody knew when to contact the emergency response services. Don’t worry. Soon enough, you’d have a helmet that’ll do that for you. Additionally, these helmets will also record the moments preceding a crash to nab the idiots who put you there in the first place, better!

How excited are you about all these innovations that are happening in the helmet space? Let us know your views and opinions on this in the comments section below.

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