Squid Motorcyclist Tries To Fight His Speeding Ticket By Flirting With The Judge And It’s The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll See Today

Thousands and thousands of tickets are handed every day to people living in the United States. As a result, there are a lot of people circulating through the county courts just in order to fight the tickets that they have received and which they think they should not have received. The judges have to face some pretty weird characters which range from good to just pure ugly.

In the video given below, we go to such a situation where the person is fighting his speeding ticket in the most hilarious way. In hindsight, he would have been better off if he just stayed home as he ends up not helping his situation at all.


The judge hits him hard with the tickets and he should learn from this that he should not ride his Suzuki GSX R so fast. You can watch the whole comedic court battle for yourself in the video given below.


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