Some Motorcycle Superstitions That Bikers Believe in

Bikers may be a reasonable bunch, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own set of superstitions. Just like any other community of people out there, bikers too, have a set of beliefs, rituals, and traditions they follow, many of which may seem to have no rational basis behind them. Now, whether these things actually work or mean something, or whether they’re just superstitions is a debate for another time. But, here are the four most common such things bikers like to do!

1. Blessing Of The Bikes

Now you may call it superstition or religious bikers just being religious bikers. The practice isn’t much different from what it sounds. It’s mostly done around Easter. Bikers from around the country gather in their local communities, outside churches. A priest then walks by and sprinkles holy water on these iron ladies. In theory, the holy water is supposed to summon the power of God. With God having had his presence on your motorcycle, in the form of holy water, you and your motorcycle are supposed to be protected from bad luck.

2. Gremlin Bells (A.k.a. Riding Bells)

Of all the superstitions in the list, this one probably has the most interesting story, or rather a bunch of them, behind it. There are several stories and theories behind how gremlin bells came into being. (Don’t worry, we’d do a feature on that too, soon!)

Bikers attach these small bells on some part of their motorcycle. When the motorcycle rides over the road, these bells chime. The “rationale” behind this is as that these bells are supposed to protect you from the gremlins of the road. Apparently, these gremlins cling to your bike and bring bad luck. They cling on, till they crash. The noise of these bells is said to annoy them, so they wade off before they can do any damage!

Apparently, they work only when they’ve been gifted to you by somebody else. They don’t work if you buy them yourself.

3. No Green Motorcycles

A motorcycle that is painted “green” is supposed to be badluck. The most obvious backstory to this has to be soldiers being blown off and shot at while riding their Harleys during World War II, which were painted in Army Green. Now, I’m not sure how right or wrong this is, but I’m pretty sure, the guys at Kawasaki really don’t know about this one!

4. Dead Man’s Motorcycle

This one’s going to hurt all those who plan to use the retro Harleys their non-dead grandfathers once rode. As the legend goes, you’re not supposed to ride a motorcycle that once belonged to a person who’s now dead. It apparently doesn’t matter if they died on the motorcycle or not, just them being dead is enough.

The “rationale” is that once a biker departs, his spirit still clings to his motorcycle. And when the spirit sees someone else riding its motorcycle in the physical world, it tends to knock the rider off!

Which of these do you believe? Have you ever been through something or seen something which made you believe in superstitions like these? Share with us in the comments section below.

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