Showoff Burn Out Clutch While Attempting To Show Off!

It is very highly likely that you have experienced your own fails if you have ever tried doing a burnout. However, you might have failed once or a couple of times but that is not the case here. In the video below, the guy trying to do a burnout not only fails once but each and every time and goes to the point of ending up with his clutch being roasted.

He keeps on trying over and over and over in order to make his rear tire puff out white clouds of smoke and still each and every time he is just unable to make it happen. It is hard to tell if the guy is just under the pressure by the small crowd that has gathered around him or he is just too stubborn.

Whatever may be the case, the rider was not ready to give up, so his clutch gave up in the end. We all need to take a lesson from this guy and understand that we all need some sort of experience before going out in a crowd like this to show off the skills that this rider clearly does not yet have. Watch the video below and witness the epic fail.


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