SHAMEFUL: Houston Cops Search And Arrest Women With Pants Down

As much as we appreciate the nice work done by honest and sincere police officers around the country, we absolute a$$hole cops who misuse their power and have no sense of basic human decency.

Whether it’s cops harassing riders just because we don’t ride around in cages, or shooting down unarmed persons, or cops like these, we strongly oppose such irresponsible men. We believe there should be strong action against them. What do you think?

This video was shot by some spectator on their smartphone and uploaded on Social Media.

Given the shocking nature of its content, it’s no surprise that the video went viral shortly after it was uploaded.

The incident took place on January 13, 2018, at the Wal-Mart on West Road in Houston, Texas. A bunch of police officers, all of whom are males, can be seen handcuffing two women.

It isn’t clear why they’re being arrested, but my guess would be that they’re a bunch of shoplifters. There’s nothing wrong in it at all.

What’s grossly wrong and filthy is the fact that both of these women have their pants down.

And while they’re being handcuffed by the cops, a huge crowd has gathered around them, with nobody to stop the public from having and (shooting) full view of these women with their pants down.

I’ll be honest, I’m no women’s rights activist. But as a decent man, I find this absolutely enraging. I’m not saying shoplifters should not be arrested just because they’re women. But, these officers should have had the basic decency to at least these women first pull up their pants, or at the very least do that for them.

It also seems like these women were searched around their vaginal and anal areas, in full public.

There’re strong laws against these, but these cops had absolutely no regard for them. Once handcuffed, they could’ve very easily been taken to the store office, but no, these shameless cops had to do it in full-public view where people can make videos of the whole thing! What do you think about this whole incident? Share with us in the comments section below.

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