Say Goodbye to Target Rewards Program. Here’s Why You Should Freak Out!

Target, as most of you may have heard, is one stop product shop for all your needs at very reasonable prices. Target is boasted to be one of the largest online markets making it an e-commerce giant.

What was the Perks program?

Target rolled out their new app ‘Cartwheel’ in 2016 along with which they introduced the feature of cash back points. As per this, the shoppers on the app would earn points for their every purchase. These points could then be redeemed in the form of shopping coupons which offered a discount of 5 to 15% on the store items.

What did the company say earlier?

Sean Murphy, Target’s VP of Digital product, said that the app served only one goal, and that was to provide a place where the shoppers can plan their store trips, or avail the Cartwheel deals on in-store purchases, and go through a purchase from the Target store online. According to Murphy, a total of $1 billion was saved by the shoppers through the app.

Here’s why you won’t have perks anymore

Target has told CBNC that the motive of their digital tools is to listen to the guests’ feedback carefully and make adjustments based on them, following which the Cartwheel perks program is being phased out.

The last day to earn points is 27th August while the last day to redeem them is set to be 27th September.

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