Say Goodbye to Checkout Lanes at Walmart! Here’s What You Need to Know

The Retail Giant

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If you live in a developed or developing country than the name Walmart will definitely ring a bell for you. The retail shopping giant is now bringing in a new technology in which customers won’t have to stand in checkout lanes for the payment of items.

Scan and Go

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The technology is enabling the customers to scan and pay for the items which they have purchased.

In this customers will only have to download ‘scan and go’ application of Walmart. By using this app you will have to scan the barcode of the particular product which you are buying.

Competitor ‘Amazon Go’

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Earlier in December Amazon has also disclosed its plans for such type of application ‘Amazon Go’. While Amazon Go is still in the developing phase Walmart has already implemented the idea in many of its stores.

The Feasible App

The customers who don’t use smartphones are hand held scanners for the payment. The shoppers who don’t want to connect their credit card with their Scan and Go account, the stores provide an option to them also.

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Mattie Shepherd said to The Waxahachie Daily Light that this new introduction made shopping easier since the total could actually be seen prior to registering.

Walmart’s last attempt at the technology three years ago was a failure.

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