Samsung’s “Smart Windshield” Concept Will Revolutionize Motorcycles

Samsung has entered the game for an innovative approach to smart motorcycling which is quite similar to the concept of BMW’s smart helmet. Samsung has come up with a smart windshield concept.

Now, if this will distract the rider rather than helping, is another topic but it is certainly more favorable than the smart helmet where everything would be right in your face.


This concept by Samsung does not use any brand new technology, instead, it uses the already existing technology to its advantage such as a dedicated app that will project the relevant information on the HUD-like display, wireless connection, etc. it is not that advanced but it is certainly a step in the correct direction.


This concept comes with a lot of good features such as you will now be able to send an auto-reply text message to anyone who is trying to contact you and let them know that you are riding.

It will also show who is calling you and you will able to make the decision to pick it up if you want based on the person calling you.

It will also work with the GPS which will allow you to reach your destination without having to look at your tiny smartphone and keep your eyes on the road.


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