One Small Mistake Causes This Track Day Crash

Motorcycle racing is one of the most fascinating, exhilarating, and amazing experiences the world has to offer. The adrenaline rush one gets from ripping the two wheels on the track is like no other. The faster you go, the more the thrill. And at the same time, the more your chances to crash.

And if you spin your throttle just right, it’s not that hard to not crash!

All you’ve got to do is to know what you’re doing, is to be sure of what you’re doing, and is to have the nerve to do what you’re doing. This rider is ripping it all out on the Almeria Circuit in Spain, going through corners like they’re nothing.

And then, on one corner, the story changes.

In his own words, that’s what happens when you don’t commit to the corner! The corner was a part of a series of right curves, which are taken as one. That’s why he maintained his distance from the curb.

And at this particular corner, our skilled rider looked up instead of bending down. And that’s when he lost his nerve and caused his own downfall! Fortunately, neither he nor the bike suffered any substantial damage.

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