Nutella Removed from Stores after Grim Health Warnings

Nutella is one of the most loved edible items around the world. This delicious chocolate hazelnut spread has recently found to be made of an ingredient that is known to cause cancer. Following this development, the grocery stores around Europe are pulling down Nutella from the stores and refraining from selling it.

What may be the cancer cause?

The European Standards Agency issued a warning in May that there could be Glycidyl Fatty acid ester (GE), the carcinogenic chemicals, in the palm oil, a key ingredient of Nutella, when it is heated to 200° C or 400° F. As per The Sun, Palm oil not only provides a smooth silky texture to the chocolate spread but also increases its lifespan.

What have the makers to say?

The producers of Nutella, Ferrero, are opposing the claims of cancer causing agents in Nutella with the help of a marketing campaign. Vincenzo Tapella, the purchasing manager of Ferrero, has said to Reuters that making Nutella without palm oil would have produced an inferior substitute for the original product; it would result in backward step. Thus they have decided to keep the palm oil in the Nutella.

So, what’s the future of Nutella?

The EFSA hadn’t completely advised against Nutella but has said that more research and analysis is needed to reach a final conclusion. Enrico Brivio, spokesman of the Health and Food safety at the European commission has said that the guidelines regarding palm oil is in the making and would be given out by the year end.

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