New Official List Of Bottled Water Brands Which Could Cause Serious Health Issues Revealed by Govt.

Not many people know this but more than 50 years ago, the municipal water authorities started mixing minute quantities of fluoride into America’s drinking water. Fluoride has been scientifically proven to significantly strengthen bones and teeth and this simple cost effective method of delivering an otherwise rare mineral to the masses was an instant hit.

The added Fluoride showed results and for more than 5 decades, the American people have one of the best dental hygiene in the world. Following municipal water authorities, companies too started putting Fluoride in their products.

However, too much of a good thing can be bad as well. As a matter of fact, just double the amount of Flouride dose recommended by the  Food and Drug Administration of America, can actually have a worse effect on your bones and teeth and actually end up damaging them. Excess Fluoride has also been linked to a more serious problem called Fluorosis in which the patient suffers from bone pain, discolored teeth, and other bone related issues.

Which brands include Fluoride in their products?

Today, apart from tap water, Fluoride is also mixed in toothpaste and in several brands of bottled water. The amount of Fluoride that is to be mixed is regulated by two different government agencies. The agency which is responsible for Fluoride levels in community water supplies is called Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA), whereas Food and Drug Administration is responsible for package products.

Some of the most popular brands of bottled water that have been found to contain high levels of Fluoride (either added or present naturally) include Poland Springs, Deer Park, Ozarka, Zephyr Hills, Diamond Springs and Crystal Springs.

Packaged water bottle brands which neither contain Fluoride or add Fluoride include Mountain Valley Springs, Artesian Wells, Nantze Springs, Whole Foods 365, Albertson’s, Polaris, Deja Blue, Evian and San Pellegrino.

New guidelines for Fluoridation have been issues by the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to them, the recommended amount of Fluoride which a healthy body should intake must not exceed .7 milligrams/liter of water. Since that can be easily achieved via tap water and just brushing your teeth, it is highly recommended to avoid other sources of Fluoride.

Families who have infants or toddlers living with them are strongly advised not to use Fluoridated water to cook baby food or use fluoridated toothpaste

Make sure to share this information with all your loved ones, who knows you might save them from a lot of suffering.

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