New ‘Mayans MC’ Photo Reveals Key Details About Club

The show’s official Twitter page shared a new photo in which we can see the Mayans MC stars from the behind. This allows us to take a look at all the club logo patches and other patches are set on complete display for the fans. After this photo was posted on the social media network, a lot of Sons of Anarchy fans rejoiced and commented on the photo.

Some said that this is going to be the “GOAT” (greatest of all time) while many others also joined in and claimed that they are unable to wait any longer and judging by the photo, they exclaimed that it does look like it is going to be one “hell of a ride”. There is still no specific date set by the official showrunners, it is expected that the show will indeed premier in the later part of 2018.

It is highly likely that the series created by Kurt Sutter might air its first episode in September as a part of the new fall TV season. However, it is still not confirmed and as of now, everything is just speculation. The show just released its teaser trailer and it has generated a lot of excitement among the fans.

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