Mythbusters: 5 Age-Old Motorcycle Myths Busted!

Motorcycles have been around since over a century now. Motorcycles have been around to see the two world wars, the invention of most things that have become common devices for us today, and a whole lot of other things. Millions of people around the globe ride these things every day. And when something has been around for so long, so prevalent, obviously over the ages, myths will arise about it. So, today, we’re out on a mission to debunk 5 myths about motorcycles!

1. The Back Brake Is Enough

This is probably the most senseless of all the myths out there. If you only ever had to use the rear brakes, why would manufacturers go through the trouble of putting front brakes. And that too much bigger than the rear ones. When you brake, the weight of your bike shifts to the front, which is why you actually need more braking power in the front. You should both brakes.


2. You Only Jacket Under 20C

This stems from the belief that the only job of a motorcycle jacket is to protect you from cold winds when riding in the winters. But the jacket has a much more important function. To protect you from road rash and bruising, when you crash.


3. Fanging Around a Paddock Is The Best Motorcycle Training

This was true in a time which is now long gone. Today, with all the things and infrastructure available, going around a paddock is the most primitive form of motorcycle training you can do. Hit the track, both, the one with the tarmac, and the one with the dirt, for an overall comprehensive training.


4. You should not ride in the rains

While it’s always safer to not ride in the rains, there’s no reason today to “absolutely not” ride in the rains. Unlike the olden days, motorcycles today don’t rust so easy, they come with ABS to deal with the slippery roads, and you have waterproof gear!


5. Speeding riders don’t get pulled!

Unless you live in a third-world countries where the cops are still using bicycles and moped, that’s the stupidest notion about cops. Modern radars, speed-monitoring devices, and the high-speed vehicles with the cops make sure nobody can get away by just riding fast.

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