My Tinder Date Took Me to a Morgue! WORST TINDER DATE EVER!

Kaylee Kapital, a Canadian redhead, recently uploaded a video to her YouTube channel telling people about the creepy date she had who took her to a Morgue. A match on Tinder is a matter of luck as to what it will turn out to be. But, if we have to define ‘worst’, then this particular weird and creepy date sound like a fit for it.

So how did it start?

Kaylee told that she met the guy through Tinder. She said that their first two dates were usual movie and dinner types. But then on the third date, he took him to the hospital where he was employed, and then to its Morgue.

What happened to the D- day?

Kaylee revealed that first, they had something to drink in the park and then went to the hospital. She told that she was scared to go even to the hospital, when he took her to a different section of the building, which she realized soon enough, was a Morgue. As though it was not enough, he pulled a dead body of some woman from a refrigerator asking if she had seen a dead body before.

The Psycho one

Kaylee felt gross at that site and was scared to her bones. All this only aroused him. She even went thinking that he was a psycho serial killer and she was his next prey. Her video has crossed 27K views and people are shocked and horrified by the incident.

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