Multiple Victims Shot At Texas Church As Gunman Opens Fire

In yet another shocking incidence of gun violence, a lone shooter has targeted a church! Yes, this time it’s different from the pattern of schools.

This shooter in Sutherland Springs, about 30 miles south-east of San Antonio in Texas, walked into the First Baptist Church. All of a sudden, for no reason, he apparently opened fire at the people attending the service.

There are no clear reports on the toll of people dead or injured, but we’re getting some shocking figures.

Albert Gamez Jr., Wilson County Commissioner, said that he has been told by officials that there have been “multiple fatalities” and “multiple wounded”.

A swarm of law enforcement and security agencies arrived at the scene. As per the latest reports, the ATF and the FBI were on their way to the church. KSAT and KENS ahve reported a “large police presence” outside the church.

Sources in law enforcement have said that “multiple” people have been killed in the incident, with as many as 15 having been injured.

The shooter is reportedly “down” or dead. KSAT has also reported that “two Airlife Helicopters” arrived at the scene. Our prayers are with the victims and their families, and we hope the ones injured make a speedy recovery.


Multiple Victims Shot At Texas Church As Gunman Opens Fire

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