Meet B.A.C.A – The Motorcycle Club Who Are Changing Lives of Abused Children

A lot of people who don’t ride bikes seem to think that bikers are these bunch of evil people who’re out there for no good. A lot of people think that anyone and everyone who rides a bike is just a crook. And they couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve known hundreds of bikers, and nearly all of them are some pretty damn amazing folks!

Bikers as a group do more for society than just about any other group!

The sense of camaraderie and social responsibility bikers have isn’t easy to come by in most people. And the guys at BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) are just taking it to another level. One look at them and a non-biker would be pressed to say that they’re some thugs, dressed in their black leather, patches, and loud bikes!

That is, until you read what their patch says, and see what these guys do!

Child abuse is one of the most pressing and disturbing issues of our time. And a lot of people seem to think that there isn’t much that can be done about it. But not these bikers. These guys take a very active role in not only preventing child abuse, but also in helping the victims cope up with the ordeals and miseries they’ve gone through. Here’s a video of a little girl they stood with, for years and years! You really need to watch it and share with everyone you know, and spread the goodness around!

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