McDonald’s Just Brought Back Szechuan McNugget Sauce After Huge Demand From Rick And Morty Fans

The McDonald food chain has decided to give a special gift to the fans of the animated series – Rick and Morty. They are bringing back the Szechuan sauce first time after 1998.

The Rick and Morty show

Rick and Morty is an animated show made by Adult Swim. The show centers on a boy and his grandfather, who together visits different dimensions and go on exciting adventures.

Who’s behind this?

In the pilot episode of the 3rd season, the character of Rick pleaded to McDonald’s to revive the Szechuan sauce that was just a limited time introduction in 1998 for the promotion of Disney’s movie Mulan.

What’s different in Szechuan sauce?

The Szechuan sauce is prepared from plum and has a sweet tangy taste. The sauce complements the McNuggets with perfection. That’s why Rick wants it back.

But! There’s a Catch!

This offer is also a limited time offer and has a clause with it. McDonald’s announced the reintroduction in a live periscope video. Only the ones who tweeted the video on 30th July were eligible to win a jug of the sauce.


So who’s the first lucky one?

Well, this was quite expected. The first one to receive the sauce is none other than the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland.

So what’s the future scope of the sauce?

Right now it’s a limited time offer, but McDonald’s have said that if customers want it, then there may be a chance of its revival.

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