Mazda is Recalling Nearly 228,000 Cars in the U.S

Just when you thought that buying a Japanese brand will rid you of all the unreliability of the Europeans, this hits up! Mazda cars are generally seen as a reliable bunch. But then, that doesn’t mean they can’t fault. This is the story of one such fault. Though it isn’t like an AC not cooling properly, or a window not cracking up.

It’s something much more serious. And more so, for those of us who live in the hilly parts of the city.

The parking brake is an absolutely indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who has to park on a slope. Without the parking brake, there is nothing in place to stop the car from rolling down the hill and crashing into something.

And this fault has affected just this vital equipment. The models affected include about 228,000 cars. The 2014 and 2015 models of the Mazda 6, the 2014 through the 2016 model of the Mazda 3 are all affected.

Apparently, water may enter into the brake caliper. This may then cause a shaft to detiorate and bind. As a result, the parking brake can either fail to completely engage, or just get stuck in the on position.

However, the problem has affected only cars that have a hand-operated brake lever system.

Mazda received the initial report of the issue as early as April 2015, in Canada. But, the company decided to just monitor the issue, as no other complains had been received. By February 2017, 13 reports had been received.

The cause is apparently a sealing boot, which fails to keep water out.

So far, an accident in Germany, and another bumper damage in the United Kingdom have been the only reported accidents occurring because of this issue. However, it isn’t clear if there were any loss of life or injuries in any of the above two incidents.

Owners of affected cars will start receiving notices starting on the 21st of August. The dealers will remove the faulty boot with one that keeps water out. The calipers would be replaced, if the shafts are found to be corroded.

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