‘Mayans MC’ Drops New Behind-The-Scenes Photo, Could Charlie Hunnam Return As Jax Teller?

The Mayans MC is one of the most awaited shows of the year for us bikers. It’s the spinoff the cult Sons of Anarchy, which is considered as the best biker drama ever to have aired on television. Kurt Sutter, the creator of SoA is involved heavily in the production of the Mayans MC. The Mayans MC is second of a four-show universe Sutter plans to show us over the years.

The Mayans MC is set in a post-Jax Teller world.

In the series finale of Sons of Anarchy, we saw Teller dying a tragic death. And the Mayans MC picks up a while after that incident. With that said, it seems very unlikely that Hunnam will reprise his role as Teller on the new show. However, with Sutter, you never know. Maybe, Sutter plans to pull a ‘Jon Snow’ with Teller. Or maybe, Sutter just plans a cameo for Hunnam as Teller in some flashback. Or maybe, Hunnam wouldn’t return at all. We’re not sure. We don’t know.

However, this new teaser shared by Sutter makes matters only dicier.

The photo with Hunnam has fans confused and wondering if Teller might just return to the show. To make things ever more intriguing for us, Sutter didn’t offer any context to the photo. Last year, Hunnam expressed that he’s really excited to see what Sutter has come up with in this new show. Hunnam, now having done several Hollywood roles, still seemed willing to return to television with Sutter, as long as Sutter could fit his character into the Mayans MC story.

This photo isn’t long after the first official Mayans MC trailer was released.

The trailer has the Mayans MC bikers riding down the highway to “Paint it Black” and turn a bunch of red roses into black, as they pass them by. Mayans MC follows the story of a prospect, EZ Reyes, in the newly setup chapter of the Mayans MC at the California-Mexico border. Reyes, once the “good boy” of the town, has to establish his badass image, get into the club, and is also trying to win the love of his life!

The show is expected to premier this fall on FX.

FX has ordered a 10-episode first season, and given Sutter’s success with the network, it isn’t unlikely that the show will get renewed for several seasons to come. From the SoA cast, only Emilio Rivera has been “confirmed” to be returning on the Mayans MC, and will be taking up his role as Marcuz Alvarez, the Mayans MC President. Other than Rivera, the show is starring JD Pardo as Reyes, alongside Carla Baratta, Raoul Trujillo, Sarah Bolger, Antonio Jaramillo, and Edward James Olmos.

What do you think about it? Do you think Hunnam might return in the Mayans MC? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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