Man Arrested After Picture Goes Viral of Him With Child on Motorcycle

Some time ago, the picture of a man on an extended Hayabusa went viral. Well, of course, there are too many of those floating around, so we’re going to narrow it down for you. The man was dressed in shorts, vest, and a slipper. He had a cap for headgear, and a toddler for a passenger. Some passerby clicked his picture by the side of the road, and uploaded it on Facebook.


Obviously, it wasn’t long before the photo went viral.


While the person who clicked the picture uploaded it on social media, he never reached out to law enforcement or child services about the issue. But, he didn’t need to. Soon enough, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was flooded with calls from people who had seen the picture over Facebook. While some just wanted to know if he had been identified and arrested, other gave tips on his whereabouts.


Once Corporal James Hobson had enough information from the callers, he made a move.


He arrested the man in the photograph, 32-year old Anthony Braddick Welsh, from his residence at CR 2224. The man had an outstanding traffic warrant against his name from the Deer Park Police Department. While another version of the story is that Welsh himself surrendered himself at Sheriff’s Office, where he was accompanied by his attorney.


Welsh has been charged with Abandoning and Endangering a Child.


Under Texas Law, it is illegal for a motorcycle passenger to be younger than five years of age. Furthermore, the passenger needs to be seated behind the driver, and not by the fuel tank as against where Welsh had the baby.


According to sources, Welsh was subsequently released on executing a bail bond of $5,000. Meanwhile, Cpl. Hobson is busy finding witnesses to see if any other charges need to be leveled against Welsh.



What do you think about this? At this point, it isn’t even clear if Welsh was even riding with the toddler, or just clicked a picture with him on the bike. Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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