Joke: Wife Tells Biker To Sell His “Stupid Old Harley”.

John was a passionate biker, and a passionate lover. He’s been with his girlfriend for four years, and his Harley since ten! He loved both of them dearly. One day, he finally decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend. After they’re done with the wedding, he decides to take some time out for the other love of his life.



He’s in the garage, working on his iron lady, with his welding tools and all. And that’s when his newly-wed wife walks in. He looks at her, passes a smile, and gets back to work. She stands there for a while, as if she was admiring her man at work.


But, the vixen had some other plans. She finally speaks up. She says, “John, now that we’re married, I think you must make a change!”.



“Yeah, honey? Anything for you!”


“You should start spending less time in the garage, sell all these welding tools, and of course, sell off this stupid old Harley!”


John turns to her with a horrified look on his face. Worried, the wifey asks, “What’s wrong, honey?”


“Jeez! You just sounded like my ex-wife!”


At this point, his wife, with her face red, screams, “What the hell? You never told me that you were married before!”



John replies, with a smirky smile on his face, “Exactly. I wasn’t!”

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