John Cena Nearly Breaks Neck After Inexperienced Wrestler Drops Him on His Head

We all have been WWE fans at some point in our life. WWE Federation has been entertaining the generations since ages. It’s a wrestling show in which many superstar wrestlers from around the world take part.

The star of the century

John Cena; the name is enough to stir a liking for the game in someone. John Cena is one of the very few wrestlers who is loved by all. He has earned respect and glory in the respective sport.

This guy almost killed Cena

We are talking about the Japanese wrestler Nakamura here. You might not have heard a lot about him. But, he is among the new upcoming wrestlers in the arena. Recently he went up against Cena in a match.

What happened in the fight?

John was in complete control of the fight during the whole match. Nakamura got his chance towards the end of the fight. He took it and went for a ‘suplex’. In this move, the wrestler lifts the opponent and slams them on their back. Nakamura let go of Cena too early. It made Cena land almost on his neck which resulted on a heavy impact on his neck. Cena was seen holding his neck in the agony of pain. Nakamura emerged as the winner, but apologized to Cena later.

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