Is This The Coolest Cop Ever? Cop Does Amazing Gesture Even When Biker Confessed to Pulling a Wheelie

There is a lot of tension between the cops and the bikers in recent times, therefore we thought it would be good to share this nice little video with you. In the recent times, there have been a lot of anti-police sentiment in the country. It either comes from people not respecting the law or in the form of authoritarian and nitpicking cops. As a matter of fact, there have been a lot of unnecessary shooting happening pretty recently.

Let us try to break a few stereotypes and change some opinions by this video. In this video, there are a group of guys on sports bikes and as the video starts, a rider pulls a wheelie. Unfortunately for him, there was a cop who saw the whole thing and decides to pull them over. The cop at the beginning targets the wrong rider and then the rider who actually pulled the while comes forward and confesses.

The cop then doubles checks on his own camera footage. Surprisingly, the cop decides to rather talk to the boys instead of giving them a ticket. This happened in Wisconsin and it is nice and refreshing to have a “good cop” video after what has been going on.

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