Is Motorcycle Industry Finally Recovering?

The motorcycle industry has been on a slow-down since the past couple of years, throughout most of the developed world. While, in the US, Harley sales continue to decline, as most other marques struggle to meet their targets, the situation isn’t much better in other parts of the world, either. 2017, particularly, wasn’t a great year for the industry. However, there’s been a change, at least in Australia.


The first quarter of the year has been positive.


Several brands have posted positive results for the first time in over 12 months. However, it is worth a mention, that the increase is over the last quarter of 2017, when motorcycle sales plummeted dramatically, by 13.4%.


Road Bikes are slumping.


Road bike sales were down by about 2.6%. However, Honda showed an increase of 6.8% in sales, catapulting it back to the Number 1 spot, taking its title back from Harley-Davidson, which ruled the charts in 2017. Honda’s market share in the quarter was 22.5%.




Part of the reason Honda gained back the Number 1 spot was because how dramatically Harley-Davidson sales fell. Harley sales fell a worrying 19.9%, reducing its market share to 18.9% for the quarter.



At a time when Harley-Davidson in the US, is contemplating making smaller less powerful bikes, the bigger ones are doing better here. According to Adam Wright, Harley-Davidson Australia spokesperson, the more powerful 114 variant of the Breakout has been outselling the 107 variant by a ratio of about 2:1!


The Japanese


Honda’s market share stood at 22.5%, while that of Yamaha stood at 19.4%. Kawasaki, accounted for about 10.8% of the sales in the market. Sales for off-roads as well as ATVs were both down, by 0.5% and 0.2%, respectively.


The Scooter Market


However, the sale of scooters went up by 2.9%, the first increase in quite a long time. In the scooter market, Piaggio held the lead, with a 28.9% market share. This was followed by Honda at 24.2%, and Vespa at 21%. It’s worth a mention that most scooter sales in the country are for the small capacity scooters, which are majorly manufactured by marques not part of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. Consequently, their sales figures are not included in these charts.


Furthermore, low-volume brands such as Viper, Ural, TGB, SYM, SWM, Royal Enfield, PGO, MV Augusta, Mercury, Megelli, Laro, Kymco, EBR, Daelim, Confederate, CFMoto, Bollini, Bimota, and Binelli are not included in these sales figures.

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