Here’s How to Become A Member Of B.A.C.A – Bikers Against Child Abuse!

Thanks to a ton of movies and TV shows that depict bikers like a bunch of crooks, most of the people who don’t know bikers in real life seem to think we’re all a bunch of crooks. It’s not uncommon for people to consider anybody with a patch as a gang member. However, motorcycle gangs are a very minuscule percentage of the larger set of motorcycle clubs. And on the other end of the spectrum are some amazing motorcycle clubs that do some great social work!

These clubs and their members do more for the society than most people even think of.

BACA is a club which is essentially a flag-bearer for the spirit of such community-oriented motorcycle clubs. The guys at BACA make look like big scary dudes, and I’m sure they are when the time calls them to be. But otherwise, they’re some of the nicest individuals you’d ever come across.

BACA is a motorcycle club that fights against child abuse.

Members not only protect children from abuse, but they also help victims cope up and regain normalcy in life. There are endless stories of BACA bikers turning around the lives of abused children. So, if you’ve ever wondered about becoming a member of BACA, and lend a hand in the great work these guys do, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how you become a BACA member..

Just like any other motorcycle club worth its salt, becoming a full-patched member isn’t easy. You’ve got to start out as a prospect. Once you’re there, you’d need to fulfill the following conditions in order to get your patch, and be a permanent part of the good work these guys do:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Submit to a federal fingerprinted background check
  3. Must have attended the club meetings, court hearings, rides, and other events with a particular chapter for at least one year

Once a BACA prospect fulfills these conditions, they’re presented to the Board of Directors which govern the important affairs of the club. You’d need a unanimous vote by the Directors to get in as a full-patched member!

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