Grass Clippings Can Be Really Dangerous For Motorcyclists And Here’s Why You Should Stop Spilling Them On The Road!

Motorcycles may enjoy a lot of freedom on the roads, and be able to do things that no other vehicle can. But, all of that freedom and flexibility comes at a price. So many things on the road that you don’t even bother about, while driving a car, become a danger to your life or limb, while you’re riding a motorcycle.

And grass clippings on the road is one such thing.

People often use a blower to blow away the grass clippings from their lawns and yards, after they’ve been mowed. Not just homeowners, but even municipal workers do that. And the result? These grass clippings end up on the asphalt. And that’s where they become a serious problem for motorcycle riders.

It doesn’t matter if the clippings are wet or dry.

In either case, they cause for a really slippery surface for motorcycles. While cornering, motorcycle riders need to ensure as much contact between the rubber on their tire and the asphalt as possible. And if you put anything in the middle of it, the motorcycle is going to lose some very precious traction. The loss of which can cause the rider to crash. And that’s what these grass clippings do!

So, the next time you mow your lawn, please don’t blow away the clippings on the road. You can save a motorcycle rider a lot of pain like that (and yourself a potential lawsuit)!

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