Girl’s Horrifying Pimple Story Will Make You Never Pop A Pimple Again

Most people have a weird habit to squeeze and pop all kinds of spots on our body, but a few people take this urge to another level. They even enjoy being witness to this freak show.


The Pimple Popper

By this gross act of squeezing Pimples, Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, has a large fan base. She boasts 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In her videos, she squeezes all kinds of spots on the body, from a simple pimple to other complex ones.

Popping gone Drastically Wrong

In a recent turn of events, Katie Wright’s act of getting rid of a spot took her to a way more hazardous situation than she was in at first. Katie squeezed what seemed to be a simple pimple, but to her bad luck, the outcome wasn’t anywhere near to usual. For those who think that facial scars are the only side effects of squeezing, you would be shocked to see what happened to Katie.


So, what was the result of Squeezing?

Katie shared in her Facebook post that as soon as she realized that something is wrong, she ran to the emergency, and found out that it was a severe case of Cellulitis, a form of Staph Infection. She told that there was a risk of this Infection reaching even the eye and brain. She has healed now and urged everyone to avoid these mistakes.

“Thankfully it is finally healing and my face is going back to normal. BUT I want to share this because this most likely happened from bacteria getting on my eyebrow pencil brush. I’m super strict on washing my face/beauty blender/brushes, but I never ever thought to disinfect my eyebrow spooly. If you wear makeup PLEASE make that a step in your cleaning routine!!!! It’s a small thing to do to avoid a painful, expensive, and traumatizing infection on your face.”

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