Get $180 Million Dollars by Marrying this Chinese Billionaire’s Daughter

Money still can’t purchase my affection, says Gigi Chao

$180 million! If you are willing to marry any girl for it, then the money is yours. Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao has offered this huge fortune to any man who marries his daughter who happens to be gay. This strange announcement of his has made the world go crazy. Chao is still stuck to this deal even after an online outrage.

Who is Cecil Chao?

Cecil Chao hails from Hong Kong and is a real estate giant. He is counted among the most famous business tycoons of China and happens to be on the list of top 50 richest people in the world. Cecil Chao has a net worth of $2 billion.

Daughter of Cecil Chao

The daughter of Cecil Chao whose hand is at stake here goes by the name of Gigi Chao. For those who are thinking that she might not be beautiful to have a bounty this large for her marriage, Gigi is a beauty in herself; take a look yourself.

Where’s the problem?

Now, the reason for this amazingly high offer is that Gigi is gay and married since 2012. Having no son of his own, Cecil Chao wants a male heir to his empire for which he needs her daughter to marry a man.

Earlier offers

Cecil is on this errand since 2012 when he offered $60 million for the same. Later he increased the sum to $120 million in 2014. The sum reached $180 million in 2016 and is still on the path of increasing. Watch the complete story at

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