Four Bikers Stand Guard Outside A Child’s Window, Something Totally Unexpected Happens When They Turn Around!

When you mention a “biker” to someone who isn’t one, the first thought that generally comes to mind is that of a big scary dude with tattoos and leather jackets riding a Harley-Davidson, out for no good. These bikers we are talking about today, aren’t much different than that figure, apart for one important part. They aren’t up for raising hell, but are taking on the task of being guardian angels of abused children.

Child abuse is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

No matter how much of a hardass you are, it’s almost impossible to turn a blind eye to an abused child. Yet, very little people actually do something for these children. These bikers, however, are out to change that. They’ve formed a motorcycle club called the “Bikers Against Child Abuse” (B.A.C.A.). BACA was started by an Utah-based biker who likes to call himself “Chief”.

The idea came up after ‘Chief’ noticed how children felt safe around motorcycles.

The guys at BACA do a great deal of things to ensure that victims of child abuse can have normalcy in their life again. They’re doing a great deal of things to ensure that these children feel safe again. In order to do that, they do stuff like picking them up from their schol bus, escorting them home, escorting them to court hearings, and even camping outside their house!

They have a pretty interesting and effective tradition too.

Every time these BACA bikers take up a child to be the guardian angels of, they give the child a stuffed bear. But before they do that, each of them give the bear a hug. They want to let the child know that with their hugs, they are passing along their love and back, so that when the child holds it, they never feel afraid, never feel alone, always feel protected!

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