Fast & Sure Ways To Check Your Wheel Alignment!

There are not a lot of things that are worse for a rider than having a bike that is even the slightest way out of alignment. When the wheels of your bike are out of alignment, they can cause a lot of trouble such as tire and drive train wear, handling issues, and a whole lot of other pricey and irritating issues.

In the video below, the Motorcycle Magazine have made an extremely helpful video which will teach you easy and simple steps that will allow you to identify if the tires of your bike are aligned or not and maintain your bike in good shape. Whenever most of the bikers talk about wheel alignment, they are most probably talking about the rear wheels’ alignment with the frame and the front wheel and its position in the swing arm.


On most of the bikes, the alignment of the front wheel is just not possible as the front wheel is not adjustable. However, the rear wheel is adjustable and in the video below, you will be explained play by play on how to keep your bike running like a champ and aligned.


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