Experts Reveal The Most Effective Way To Prevent Biker Death On Roads!

As much as we’d want for them to not happen, the truth is that motorcycle accidents happen. No matter how good a rider is, how good the bike is, how good the road is, there’s always a chance that a rider may crash. And, unlike a car crash, a motorcycle crash in most cases, means a serious injury, if not worse. It’s the hard truth of motorcycle, one we all have to live with, one we all know every time we mount the saddle.


The right care at the right time could mean the difference between a rider’s life and death.


And it’s not always the job of the emergency services to do it. As a motorist on the road, or a bystander to an accident, it’s your moral duty to help out a crash victim. And it’s really important that you know this, for it can one day help you save a life.


Loss of blood is one of the major causes of preventable deaths.


This is especially true for deaths on the road. The majority of injuries sustained by riders in motorcycle accidents are on their arms and legs. In most serious crashes, the victim would have a part of their arm or leg cut open, creating a point of blood loss.


A bleeding person can die from blood loss within five minutes.


Therefore, in order to save a life, it’s essential to prevent that blood loss. And to do it as soon as possible. No matter how good or close the emergency services are, waiting for them to stop blood loss is never an option. That is why, stopping it is one skill you must know. A tourniquet needs to be applied around the wound or cut in order to stop blood loss.

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