Dunkin’ Donuts Might Change Its Name And People Are Enraged About it

Ever heard about “Dunkin Donuts”? Probably it’s the last place you hung out, or maybe that is the best place you know to fulfill your hunger or grab a coffee while getting to the office. Without a doubt, Dunkin Donuts are definitely bringing happiness to our lives.

But, there is a big change that “Dunkin Donutsare about to witness and each and every die-hard fan should be aware of it.

Love for donuts and coffee

From the name itself, anyone can conclude that the store is an expert in making donuts. Apart from this, the place is a hub for tasty beverages (famous coffee) and baked recipes.

The Significant change

The company is evident to a major change. The board has decided to change its name from “Dunkin Donutsto “Dunkin”, reason being, from the ongoing title of the company it looks like that the company only specializes in making donuts whereas in reality people are equally in love with all of their products be it donut or coffee. So, they have decided to change the name toDunkinso that the image of other products doesn’t get overshadowed.

Still going to be amazing

The decision is taken for the betterment of the company and its growth and is definitely taking place with an intention of a positive growth. Don’t worry, the name is changing the taste is not. “Dunkin Donuts” or “Dunkin”, the place and the food will always be a delight to our heart.

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