Driver Who Intentionally Rammed Motorcyclist Off Road in Sarasota Has Been Arrested

Recently, the video of a man intentionally ramming his Mazda into a biker went viral. Obviously, it sparked huge outrage among the local residents of Sarasota. In the video, we see a biker trying to ride beside this Mazda driver, and gesturing at him to pull over. The driver had apparently brake-checked the biker. During this pursuit, the biker gestured the driver to pull over several times. However, the driver kept driving.




And at one point, allegedly, even threw change at the biker. And then, all of a sudden, he swerves his car, and rams the biker right off his bike.
The biker suffered a hyperextended knee and severe road rash.


It was absolutely insane and horribly criminal!


Finally, the driver has been arrested, and charged for aggravated battery, and operating a motor vehicle without a license. You’d wonder why he didn’t have a license. Well, that’s because the driver is 30-year old illegal immigrant Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla. His bail bond has been set at $10,000! Now, that’s the problem. These stupid illegal immigrants don’t have proper training for anything, yet they want to do everything. This idiot probably never brake-checked the biker on purpose. He just probably never knew how to drive properly. And when the biker asked him to pull over, he freaked out and rammed into the poor guy. That’s why we’re better off without people like Bonilla!


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