Disgusting! Three KFC Female Workers Bath in Restaurant Sink and Post it Online!

Three KFC Bathing Beauties Utilizing the Eatery Dishwasher as a Hot Tub.

Who doesn’t like a bath in the hot tub? But it becomes an issue when you use a restaurant sink for it. In a turn of recent events, Kentucky Fried Chicken stole the focus from the Burger King when its 3 employees from the northern California KFC turned the sink into their personal hot tub.

What leads to the expose?


Their act was exposed when one of the teen employees repeated the same mistake as that of the Ohio Burger King employee by sharing the photos of their little adventure in the KFC basin on MySpace.

What was in the post?


The post included the photos of the teens in the bikini with captions such as “haha KFC showers!” and “haha we turned on the jets,”. The photos were in the gallery named as “KFC Moments” as per the Record Searchlight newspaper in Redding, Calif.

What does the KFC has to say?

KFC spokesperson Rick Maynard said, “ The three were suspended Tuesday – and have since been fired.”

Maynard further said, “KFC has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and our franchisee has taken immediate action by terminating the employees who were involved.”

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