Did Her Dirty: Motorcyclist Makes Reporter Eat Dirt!

Call them what you may, but bikers are some of the most carefree people in the world. Most of them don’t overthink before they do a certain thing, and love to live on their own terms. And one thing that they hate? People getting in the middle of their “bike time”. It becomes all the worse, if you’re in the middle of a race.




Maybe, women should understand that that’s one time where you absolutely do NOT bother a guy.



Too bad, this reporter couldn’t do that. After all, the poor woman is paid to bother these bikers in the middle of the road.



She stops this biker after he’s taken a jump near her, and asks him a bunch of useless stuff.¬†Of course, all of it wasn’t going to go down all pretty well.



Just as she’s done, the biker speeds away, caring the least bit that she’s there, the mud’s there, and that he’s got a spinning wheel.



As the biker speeds away, the reporter gets a load of dirt on her! If you liked the video, do share it with your buddies, and let us know how you liked it, in the comments section below.


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